Interior Detailing Part II

    Here is a good shot of the aft pylon framework being built.    Basically, I contoured the inner pylon, then mirror cut sheet plastic pieces to match the contour, with the shapes of the bottoms being referenced in one of my Chinook manuals.

    In the insert, you can see the out side view of the .50 mounts.

    Here is a shot of the aft transmission with the fuselage halves together, you can see how the stringer sections mesh together and look like one piece.    (seeing how that worked out so good kind of surprised me)    You can see how the stringers seem to go right up beside the transmission into the aft pylon.

    After the inner frame work was pretty much complete, I began work on the front end.     Here is the radio shelves, radio's and control closet that was attached on the back of the cockpit bulkhead.

    The next step was to make the forward cabin bulkhead, seen here laid out beside the cockpit section.

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