Finishing Touches Part V

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    A B&W shot with added background was made from the completed diorama.

    Here, I pause by the Bunker for a picture beside "Birth Control".


The time to complete this project was just over 304 hours and right at seven months.    It is, by far, the most intense project I've ever attempted and it's very gratifying to know it will be around, so others can see the mighty ACH-47A as it appeared in theatre.

    John accompanied #154 to southeast Asia in 1966 as her first Flight Engineer, and the one credited with giving her the name; "Birth Control".    It would be John's second tour in Vietnam; the first time he was Flight Engineer on the only "AH-21" ever built.    John is now the owner of this Diorama, but "It belongs to all of Birth Control's family, and the others who proudly served with the unit they called; "Guns A Go-Go".

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