Finishing Touches Part III

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    Ahhhh... finally a pretty day to make pictures!

    The next several pictures are ones I made after the project was complete, trying to get them in natural settings and realistic light.

    This one shows the MamaSan with a bundle of Rice plants on her shoulder, standing knee-deep in the Paddy.    Within the Paddy, AFTER the simulated turf was down, I poured a very thin mixture of plaster into the space.    When the plaster was thicker, I inserted Pampas Grass blooms to simulate Rice; formed and painted the water surface to make a unique addition to the diorama.

    Here's a picture where I was playing with the light.

    This one shows the Ramp area with good background, for a very realistic looking shot!

    The Flight Engineer holding his folded radio wire and watching as "Birth Control" gets ready to start up.

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