Finishing Touches Part II

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    I used some block-foam to make the contours on the base board, then applied a layer of Spackling and pressing a strip of very course sandpaper into it to simulate a a dirt/mud roadway.    On the left front corner, I made some Rice Paddy dikes, then glued & sprinkled the surface with ground lichen & multi-shaded green foam.

    Here's looking "down the road" toward "Birth Control", past a couple of Medics carrying a casualty toward the Bunker just left of the aircraft.

    A close-up of the Flight Engineer looking up at the engine as they're getting ready to start-up.

    The Crew Chief is pulling the Wheel Chocks as he gets ready to board via the extended ramp.

    The concerned Ramp Gunner points something out in the distance to the Crew Chief as he appears around the corner.

    It was raining and I couldn't get outside to take this picture, but it shows the weathering realism in Natural Light.

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