Interior Detailing Part III

    The next step was to detail and paint the cockpit interior, which included the seat belts, fuse panels and helmet, as well as scribing the quilting pattern in the bulkhead soundproofing.

     As you might can see from this picture, I had to build most of the cockpit detail, such as the rudder pedals, radio consol, seats, wiring, etc

    After a week, the cockpit was finally complete!     The "Cobra Company" was kind enough to supply the intstrument panel, as well as other systems I will comment on when we get to them.

    You can see, the armor seats are open, the 40mm Grenade Launcher Site is stowed, the AC is strapping in while the pilot brings the ship to life.

    Here's another view of the completed cockpit.

    Well, after making the brass collectors for the .50 mounts, it was time to apply the first coat of primer to the interior.    I must admit, it was kind of strange seeing the green and white plastic I had become so use to, disappear as the airbrush went back & forth across the surface

    Here's another view of the right side Gunner's position after I'd started detailing some of the parts, such as the first aid bag, wire bundle and hydraulic members along the wall.

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