Finishing Touches Part IV

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    Beside the Bunker, an attendant starts anchoring the canvas tarp to keep it from getting blown away by the coming rotor wash.

    You can just see the Medics coming up the road with the wounded soldier.

    One time "Birth Control" had sustained damage while on a mission, and had to set down outside a Special Forces Camp to affect repairs.

    At a certain time, the SF Camp closed their wire and ole "Birth Control" was left out by herself until the repairs could be made.    This picture reminds me of that story, told by John Ely, Original FE #154.

    Another outside shot.

    The next two pictures were made after dark, with the interior lights turned on via a Momentary On Switch mounted in the diorama base.

    A distant view shows more of the interior detail, including another Crew Member standing near the #3 Gun position.    You can also see the reflection in the mud on the roadway.

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