Putting it all Together Part II

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    This is part of my work desk where you can see the model, reference book, Go-Go Reunion photo and a really unorganized looking mess!

You "Modelers" understand how it is, and recognize that regardless how it looks... you know where EVERYTHING is! <;-)

    The right side Weapons Pylon after attaching the FFAR pod, which was graciously donated by the "Cobra Company".

It was the prospect of building components like this from scratch that I always was afraid of, in the back of my mind, but these guys came through for me, Thanks!

    The 20mm Cannon was built from my spares box, and some pieces I had to make.

The barrel is from a 1:24 M-60, the brass and link ejectors were from the Spru Trees of a model, the mounting frame was pieced together styrene, the brass chute was the clear plastic that comes on boxes of greeting cards, and the 5 FFAR's in the tube was made from sanded stretched spru.    On the other side, I made the white "WP" rocket in the center hole.

    I was planning on displaying the ship as if it had landed out in the field to assess battle damage, so some of the Rockets would naturally be gone.

    I used the 1:48 Grenade Launcher from the Monogram UH-1C kit and was sent to me by Dave Knudsen.    I built the shroud from carved wood and Modelers Putty, and attched it to the model using my "Peg" technique, which prevents accidental fall-offs! Yikes!!

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